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Glass pack­ag­ing

There are two collection containers for glass packaging. Only packaging made of colourless glass belongs in the collection container with the white lid and the label “White glass”. Packaging made of coloured glass belongs in the collection container with the green lid and the label “Coloured glass”.

Tonn e für Glasverpackungen (Weißglas) vor einer Wand
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What should be placed in the bottle bank:

Empty packaging made of glass (without lid, cap or top), separated according to coloured glass and colourless glass such as

  • Single-use bottles (e.g. wine, spirit or fruit juice bottles)
  • Food jars (e.g. jam jars, pickle jars, etc.)
  • Glass containers (e.g. cosmetic packaging such as perfume flacons or medicine packaging made of glass)

What should not be placed in bottle banks:


  • Window glass
  • Mirror glass
  • Lead crystal glass
  • Bulbs
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • Energy-saving bulbs
  • Ceramic goods
    (e.g. pottery, porcelain and stoneware)
  • Glassware

Info & tips

Separate correctly:

  • If the bottle banks are full, please take your glass packaging to the next collection point
  • Do not deposit any bottles next to the bottle banks – risk of injury!
  • Please note the rest times when putting bottles in the bottle banks: Mon. to Fri.: 7 pm until 7 am; Sat.: 7 pm until 7 am and 12 noon until 3 pm; Sunday and public holidays: all day
  • Do not throw the bottles in the bottle banks so that they smash; instead, place them in the bottle banks.
  • Please place glass packaging without any residues (i.e. no drops, no trickles, brushed out clean, scraped out clean) into the bottle bank.
  • Before bottles, etc. are placed in the bottle bank, remove screw tops, lead ties and metal capsules and place them in the collection container for metal packaging; place plastic lids in the collection container for lightweight packaging.
  • Even slightly tinted glass packaging belongs in the coloured glass section!
  • Reusable bottles or deposit bottles belong back in the shops so that they can be filled again.

Where can I obtain a bottle bank?

  • Our employees in the Holding Graz Waste Management will be pleased to assist you.


Online form for ordering a bottle bank or for changes:

You can find the form on the platform “Digital City Graz”!

Who can request a bottle bank?

  • No application is necessary as bottle banks are set up on public land.
  • Setting up in residential areas; in this case, an application can be filed by the property owner or the authorised facility management, but there is no entitlement to the setting up of bottle banks
  • The online application for setting up a bottle bank can be found below!

Where is a bottle bank set up?

  • Over a wide area on public land
  • In the case of residential areas in the residential zone
  • In the inner city area also in buildings or inner courtyards

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