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Im­pres­sive fig­ures for waste man­age­ment

Waste truck of Holding Graz with slogan and QR code of the Graz Waste App
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner
Dozens of old batteries in a pile
© Unsplash/John Cameron

Did you know that ….

  • … 41,600 residual waste bins in Graz have to be emptied by hand for waste removal?
  • … the  Hazardous Waste Express collects hazardous substances free of charge at 65 stations that are visited several times a year and thus the residents of Graz make an important contribution to ensuring the city is environmentally friendly?
  • … the drivers of the dustbin lorries often require high-precision driving skills to get through tight places in streets where waste has to be collected?
  • … in Graz every year 24,200 tons of biogenic waste are turned into compost, new bottles are created from 8,800 tons of glass packaging, and cardboard boxes are produced from 21,700 tons of waste paper?
  • … every year Holding Graz clears the city of almost 600 tons of hazardous substances (such as paints and varnishes, waste oils, medicines, batteries)?
  • … the Waste Management department generates turnover of around EUR 37 million per year?
  • … approx. 122,000 bins are installed in Graz for the separate collection of waste and these are emptied in total approx. 4.6 million times a year?
  • … the recycling centre in Sturzgasse posts around 297,000 deliveries a year; 29,000 tons of bulky waste and waste materials are handed in here which are separated into 30 different types and 59% of which is recycled?
  • … every year around 47,300 tons of residual waste are incurred in Graz, which equates to 160.55 kg per resident?