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New: “Trash Hits” on Spo­ti­fy

Rubbish truck with Spotify playlist as copied-in graphic
© achtzigzehn/Hinterleitner

“Courage to separate” (“Mut zur Trennung”) was the motto of our waste campaign in September, which aimed to increase the separation rate and show how good waste separation contributes to climate protection.

“Trash” is the English word for waste. And “trash pop” refers to songs that everyone knows and can sing along to, but doesn’t really admit to liking. Most of them are hits from the 90s, the 2000s or so-called “one-hit wonders”. To mark the end of the campaign, we have created a new Spotify playlist with “trash pop”. On it you can find songs like “I Promise Myself” (Nick Kamen), “Cheri, Cheri Lady” (Modern Talking) or “Hyper Hyper” (Scooter).

Boom in Austria

According to its own information, the audio streaming service Spotify is now the most-used digital audio platform in Austria. Whether on the tram, at work, at home with friends or during sports – Spotify has become a daily companion for many. 20 percent of digital-savvy adults already use the platform on a weekly basis. Spotify also achieves a high reach in all buyer groups, and almost one-fifth in Generation Z (16-24 years old).

The free playlists of Holding Graz are intended to reach different target groups with the help of different music genres and thus draw attention to the products and services of Holding Graz.

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By the way: More playlists are already being planned!