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Graz Air­port: New park­ing ser­vice

Car at the new resource-saving car wash
© Flughafen Graz/Pölt

From now on, anyone who is flying on holiday or a business trip can have their car cleaned until they return, and in a resource-saving way. Additional charging points have been installed in the multi-storey car park to enable more customers to refuel their e-vehicles at the same time.

Car interior and/or exterior cleaning without waiting time:

After a convenient booking via website or with the QR code key fob available on site, the Styrian company Parkwash24 carries out car cleaning. A modern steam process makes it possible that only 3-4 litres of water are needed per cleaning and chemical cleaning agents are only used in exceptional cases.

“We give our customers time,” emphasises Viktor Göls, owner of Parkwash24. “Cars are not used 95% of the time. During parking hours, we do the car wash for our customers. ParkWash24 does this in an environmentally friendly way, with only about 5% water consumption compared to conventional cleaning, and completely contactless via online booking and payment.”

More juice for e-vehicles:

In order to be prepared for the increased demand for charging options for e-vehicles, the charging points in the multi-storey car park were doubled by Graz Airport’s partner APCOA. Charging stations are now available in the multi-storey car park and in car parks P0 and P1.

Internally, Graz Airport uses a number of additional charging points. The share of e-vehicles in the vehicles that can technically be converted to electric drive is already about one third. Charging facilities are also available for employees.

“We are pleased that with our new partner Parkwash24 we can offer a new, resource-saving service at the airport that is convenient for our guests,” explains Jürgen Löschnig, Managing Director of Graz Airport. “We are also watching very closely how the share of e-vehicles is developing, so that we can offer more e-charging points if required.”