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Old clothes col­lec­tion

In addition to dropping off in the containers, you can also drop off old clothes at our Resource park Graz.

A person in a white woollen jumper holds a pile of blue jeans
© Unsplash/Maude Frederique Lavoie

Drop-off at the Resource Park Graz:

There is the possibility to hand in still wearable old clothes in the Re-Use-Zone in the Resource Park Graz.

Please throw in!

Old clothes that are collected in the container must be wearable, that is:

  • They must be clean, dry and intact
    Woolen and knitted goods, woollen blankets, table, bed and household linen should be folded and placed in bags.
    Shoes should only be handed in in pairs and bundled

Please do not throw in!

  • Clothes with rough signs of wear, holes, detached sleeves, missing buttons.
  • Heavily yellowed clothing, worn-out children’s clothing (tights, underwear, socks, etc.)
  • Toys, stuffed animals
  • Quilts and cushions
  • Wet goods (be careful with bags lying next to the containers!)

Old clothes in the container must NOT contain:

  • Waste
  • Medication
  • Fabric remnants
  • Dirty, wet clothes
  • rags, nappies and the like