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Blog: Nat­u­ral­ly good – our (drink­ing) water

Young man fills up his drinking bottle at a drinking fountain
© Sebastian Zier

June is all about our precious drinking water, because 18 June is Austrian Drinking Water Day. This time I took a closer look at the most important facts about drinking water and what Holding Graz has to offer.

We consume it every day, but why is it really so important for us – our drinking water?

A regular supply of water contributes to an optimal fluid supply, as the body can process large amounts of water at once more difficult or not at all. Especially at higher temperatures in summer or during sports, we should pay special attention to our fluid intake, otherwise it will have a negative effect on the body’s performance. Another reason is that water improves the blood supply to our skin and at the same time provides us with nutrients – so it also keeps us young.

And what does Graz have to do with our drinking water?

Did you know that Graz is called the capital of drinking water fountains? There are now over 100 drinking water fountains all over Graz, which can be used at any time for a quick refreshment during a run or a nice walk.

The average water consumption per capita and year is about 47,450 litres, but by the time it comes out of the tap, it has already travelled a long way. Graz’s water needs are met with groundwater from two million old gravel fillings and comes from the Friesach, Andritz and Feldkirchen waterworks or from the Hochschwab area. Attention is always paid to 100% quality and it is sent on to the 1400km long water network of the city of Graz.

Graphic representation of the path of Graz water
© Holding Graz

The Graz Water Management clearly focuses on sustainability and guarantees a high level of supply security, natural drinking water quality and proper disposal and treatment of wastewater. For more knowledge about water as a resource, Graz Water Management is currently running the campaign “Our Water: Naturally Good”. The following link provides a lot of information worth knowing!

Or visit the official Instagram account of Holding Graz. There you will always find all the news about the city of Graz. Since the end of May there has even been a quiz on the subject of water. You’ll find it saved under the highlights. By the way, I have already tried it and found out some interesting facts. Have fun trying it out 😉

Young man holding his right hand under the water jet of a drinking fountain
© Sebastian Zier
Young man holding his hands under the water jet of a drinking fountain
© Sebastian Zier
Young man drinking at a drinking fountain
© Sebastian Zier