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Her­ren­gasse: New Christ­mas light­ing

Computer animation of the new Christmas lights in Herrengasse
© Stadt Graz

It is one of the major highlights in the local calendar of events: the “Advent in Graz”, which – outside of pandemic times – attracts tens of thousands of national and international guests to the city of Graz every year. In addition to the popular Christmas markets, the traditional Christmas tree on the main square, the ice crib and the Christmas lights are fixed starters every year. This year, a special “sight” awaits the people of Graz as well as guests of the city during Advent: Herrengasse will shine with a completely new Christmas illumination from November 19.

Mayor Siegfried Nagl: “In recent years, there have been repeated considerations to renew the Christmas lighting in Herrengasse, as the central element, and to bring it up to the state of the art. In consultation with representatives of the city center business community, it has now been possible to create a unique Christmas lighting system that meets the demands of an innovative and creative city and, above all, further enhances the attractiveness of the main shopping street during the winter season. But no one has to do without the “Falling Christmas Trees” either: They will be on display in Schmiedgasse this year.”

Christmas lighting is an essential cornerstone of “Advent in Graz”, organized by Holding Graz Citymanagement, especially in the city center of Graz. True to the motto “Advent of short distances – a different atmosphere in every square”, the Christmas lighting also presents itself in a variety of ways every year. Herrengasse is the central element – and yet has been home to the same basic lighting with the characteristic “The falling christmas trees” since 2004.

The details:

The renewal will bring the Christmas lighting up to the latest state of the art. All connections, power supplies and static devices have already been coordinated with the responsible authorities. The people of Graz and visitors can expect different animations as well as color and light plays with the new “sight” along Herrengasse: In addition to trickling snow, spray candles and shooting stars, the Christmas message “Merry Christmas” and the skyline will also be visible. As part of the innovation, two photo points equipped with dual light chains (in clock tower design and as Graz lettering) will also be set up in the city center.

The Facts:

  • Different animations, color as well as light shows will be on display in Herrengasse: shooting stars, spray candles, Merry Christmas, trickling snow and skyline.
  • There are a total of 38,400 RGB light points, all of which can be individually controlled.
  • In total there are 13 light sails above Herrengasse, 8 of them with RGB light points (RGB Light Carpets), 6 of them are dual-color light sails
  • The two photo points (clock tower and Graz lettering) are also equipped with dual light chains and can be controlled in 2 colors
  • The technical implementation (installation of the Christmas lighting, etc.) is again carried out by Energie Graz, the new Christmas lighting is supervised by the company MK Solutions after an extensive tendering procedure.
  • Advent in Graz” starts this year on November 19

Composition of the jury for the selection of the new Christmas lighting:

  • Richard Peer (Head of Marketing Holding Graz)
  • Heimo Maieritsch (Citymanager Holding Graz)
  • Wolfgang Konrad (Energy Graz)
  • Judith Schwarz (Echt Graz)
  • Diana Materi (Head of Economy, International Relations, Tourism in the BGM Office)
  • Wolfgang Skerget (Head of City of Design)
  • Andrea Keimel (Head of Department A15)
  • Dieter Hardt-Stremayr (Managing Director Graz Tourism)