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How we get Graz fit for spring

Mitarbeiter des Stadtraumes in Arbeitskleidung pflanzt Blumen in einem Beet
© Holding Graz/Foto Fischer

Grit collection:

On Monday (21.2.), the city cleaning service will start with the spring cleaning on the streets – as always, star-shaped from the inside (1st district) to the outside. The cleaning will be done in two rounds, first the streets and surfaces in the flat part of the city. Winter is not yet over, so the grit on the mountain roads (Plabutsch, etc.) is not yet treated in the first pass.

About six weeks are planned for the grit sweeping.

Spring planting:

At the end of February/beginning of March, the spring planting starts, which will make Graz blossom again. Exactly 51,545 plants were used on public land in 2021. As always, the highlight will be the large bed at the Iron Gate.