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Our lines

All our tram and bus lines at a glance. You will also find a route planner here and the link to the timetables.

Tram and Graz Linien bus stand side by side at the St. Peter-Schulzentrum stop
© Holding Graz/Radaelli

Our tram lines:

Variobahn tram enters Kaiser-Josef-Platz stop
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Tram set crosses Jakominiplatz at night
@ Holding Graz/Sommer
Tram set of line 5 running over grass track, purple flowers in the foreground
@ Holding Graz/Sommer
A tram in tim design stands in front of the rondeau at Jakominiplatz
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Historical black-and-white photograph of a set of Line 2 in Gleisdorfergasse
© Tramway Museum Graz/Watzinger
Historical black-and-white photograph of a set of Line 2 in Gleisdorfergasse
© Tramway Museum Graz/Watzinger

Our bus lines:

(By clicking on the respective line you will get to the timetable page with all stop timetables!)


Line 30: Citypark – Österreichische Gesundheitskasse – Geidorf

Line 31: Webling – Uni/RESOWI

Line 31E: Webling – Jakominiplatz

Line 32: Jakominiplatz – Seiersberg

Line 33: Peter-Rosegger-Straße – Jakominiplatz

Line 34: Thondorf – Jakominiplatz

Line 34E: Theyergasse – Jakominiplatz

Line 39: Wirtschaftskammer/tim – Urnenfriedhof

Line 40: Gösting – Jakominiplatz

Line 41: Dürrgrabenweg – St. Leonhard/Klinikum Mitte

Line 41E: Dürrgrabenweg – Andritz

Line 48: Gösting (- Thalersee) – Thal Kötschberg

Line 48S: Gösting – Thalersee

Line 52: Ziegelstraße – Zentralfriedhof

Line 52E: Ziegelstraße – Andritz

Line 53: Hauptbahnhof – Stattegg Fuß der Leber

Line 58: Hauptbahnhof – Ragnitz

Line 60: Krenngasse – Lustbühel

Line 61: Krenngasse – Berliner Ring

Line 62: Puntigam – WKO-WIFI/tim

Line 63: Hauptbahnhof – Schulzentrum St.Peter

Line 64: St. Leonhard/Klinikum Mitte – Puntigam

Line 64E: St. Leonhard/Klinikum Mitte – Liebenau/MURPARK

Line 65: Puntigam – Grottenhofstraße – Reininghaus – Gösting)

Line 65 A: Gösting – Don Bosco – Peter-Rosegger-Straße)

Line 65E: Puntigam – Kapellenwirt

Line 66: Grottenhofstraße – Schulzentrum St. Peter

Line 67: Zanklstraße – Zentralfriedhof

Line 67E: Zanklstraße – Jakominiplatz

Line 68: St. Peter/St. Peter-Schulzentrum – Lustbühel

Line 69: St. Peter – Petri Au

Line 72: Schulzentrum St. Peter – Raaba – Liebenau/MURPARK

Line 74: Liebenau/MURPARK- Thondorf)

Line 75: Liebenau/MURPARK – Raaba Kreisverkehr

Line 78: Puntigam – Seiersberg – Gedersberg

Line 80: Puntigam Bahnhof – Rudersdorf – Feldkirchen Raiffeisenplatz

Line 82: St. Leonhard/Klinikum Mitte – Stifting

All bus lines that also run in zone 101 but are not operated by Graz Linien can be found on the website of Verkehrsverbund Steiermark!


Graz Linien articulated bus stands at the roadside
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Bus of Graz Linien drives through the landscape in Thal near Graz
© Holding Graz/Sommer
Graz Linien bus turns into intersection
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Graz Linien bus passes Ostbahnhof station
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Old bus and old tram stand side by side at the St. Peter-Schulzentrum stop
© Tramway Museum Graz/Watzinger

Our night lines:

Female bus driver at the wheel gives passenger ticket
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma
Female bus driver sits in the driver's cabin of a Holding Graz bus at Jakominiplatz at night
© Holding Graz/Kernasenko

Route timeta­bles and stop timeta­bles