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Top Tick­et for Pupils

Top for pupils: The unlimited annual network card for all network lines in the whole of Styria!
136,00 €
Top Ticket for Pupils

Information about the Top-Ticket:

The Top-Ticket for pupils is the unlimited annual network ticket for all public transport lines within Styria (incl. to/from Tamsweg). The total price including excess is 136 euros.

Where is the ticket valid?

The Top-Ticket is valid for all network lines within the province of Styria and in the fare extension area to/from Tamsweg.

How long is the ticket valid?

From 1 September to 30 September of the following year on all days of the week – i.e. from Monday to Sunday and also during the summer holidays.

Who is entitled to the Top Ticket?

The Top Ticket is available to all students under the age of 24. They must be in receipt of the Austrian family allowance.
Their main place of residence or school must be in Styria.
The Top Ticket is available to all students, even if they travel to their training centre less than three or four times a week.
less than three or four times a week. So for:
– boarding school students who only travel to/from boarding school at the weekend
– all those who walk or cycle
– all those who travel to school by occasional transport
– pupils from an EU member state for whom a similar foreign family allowance is received

Where can I get the ticket?

Alternatively, the purchase is also possible online or via the order form

1.) Get the order form:

  • The order form can be obtained from the school. It is also possible to download this form as a PDF below and print it out.

2.) Fill in the order form and have it confirmed:

  • The order form must be completed in full and “Top-Ticket” ticked. Always state the exact boarding stop in your
    and the exit stop at the school. In addition, the transport companies used and the
    lines used.
    The completed form must then be confirmed by the school.

3.) Pay for the ticket:

4) Receive your ticket:

Finally, the confirmed order form, proof of payment and a recent passport photo must be handed in, e.g. at the Mobility and Sales Centre. In most cases, the ticket will be given to you there as well.

Here you can find the order form (only available in German)