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Buy Top-Tick­et for pupils via app

Young woman stands in tram and shows mobile phone with open GrazMobil app into picture
Mädchen in einer Variobahn mit GrazMobil-App am Handy

Of a total of 80,000 student and apprentice tickets sold in the school year 2021/22, around 45 per cent were Top-Tickets. The Top-Ticket Schüler:innen (Top-Ticket pupils) is an unlimited annual network ticket for all network lines within Styria and to/from Tamsweg. It allows the use of all local and long-distance trains, all RegioBuses and all means of urban transport. The ticket is valid from 1 September to 30 September of the following year. The total price, including the deductible, is 123 euros.

From now on, pupils from the age of 14 can easily purchase the Top-Ticket Schüler:innen in the GrazMobil app of Holding Graz. With this additional service, waiting at the ticket counter and filling out an order form is no longer necessary.

ATTENTION: The ticket is only valid in connection with a pupil’s identity card according to §57b School Education Act. In Styria, this includes the following photo IDs: Checkit.card for pupils, Schüler:innenausweis (white paper ID) and Edu.card.

Minimum age 14 years for purchase via app 
Due to legal regulations, the minimum age for creating a user account and for purchasing the ticket in the GrazMobil app is 14 years. Of course, the Top-Tickets for pupils are still available at all Verkehrsverbund ticket offices, such as the mobility and sales centre of Graz Linien, by filling out the order form and submitting a passport photo.

This project is supported by funds from the Styrian Regional Development Act.