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Start­ing sig­nal for inner city re­lief

Anton Lang, Elke Kahr and Judith Schwentner with City Lights with subjects for inner city relief
@ Stadt Graz/Foto Fischer

Work on relieving congestion in the city center will start on Monday, and lines 16 and 17 will then begin operating through Neutorgasse and Belgiergasse in 2025.

Every day, Graz Linien transports more than 300,000 passengers safely to their destinations. The number of public transport users has been rising for years and will continue to do so in the coming years, not least due to the ongoing influx of new residents, the expansion of attractive offers such as the climate ticket and changes in mobility behaviour in the state capital. The consequence of this development: public transport and with it modern mobility offers in Graz must be further expanded. The course for the relief route through the city center will now be set with the start of construction on March 6.

Statements on setting the course for our city:

Deputy Governor and Transport Officer Anton Lang: “The goal of the state is to encourage as many people as possible to switch to public transport. To this end, the construction of the inner-city relief line is a real milestone that will significantly improve conditions in Graz. I am very glad that we, as the province of Styria, decided back in 2018 to support this historic step with a lot of money. This project also shows that we continue to push the expansion of public transport and continue on our successful path.”

In total, the city of Graz has budgeted around 38 million euros for the streetcar project. Mayor Elke Kahr: “The new streetcar connection in the city center is an important step in the expansion of public transport in the city of Graz. The line will bring benefits in many areas: The city center will be even more accessible for people living in Graz or visiting. Public transport will become more nimble by relieving the Herrengasse. Stores and pubs will be better connected. After decades of planning, the inner city relief is now on track. My thanks go to everyone who is now helping to implement it.”

Deputy Mayor and Transport Officer Judith Schwentner sees the inner city relief line as a milestone for the further expansion of public transport in Graz: “I am convinced that the expansion of public transport is the adequate answer to the climate crisis for future generations. Every improvement in public transport that encourages the people of Graz to change to public transport is an active contribution to climate protection. With the 1.2-kilometer streetcar line, we are also giving more space to active mobility in the future. For cyclists, there are new bike paths along Neutorgasse and over the Tegetthoff Bridge, and we are widening existing sidewalks for pedestrians. This major joint project is an opportunity for all of us: for the people of Graz, for visitors, for the economy and, of course, for the climate.”