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Sep­a­ra­tion of resid­u­al waste

What can and cannot be put in the residual waste bin – here is the info!

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Please put the following in the residual waste bin!


  • window glass, light bulbs without gases, mirrors
  • tableware
  • small animal droppings, cat litter
  • sweepings, ash (cold), vacuum cleaner bags
  • sanitary towels, nappies, hygiene products,
  • used tissues
  • torn/heavily soiled textiles, shoes
  • wallpaper, small quantities
  • photos
  • flower pots
  • plastic buckets, rubber waste
  • toys (not electrically operated)
  • tools (with small percentage of metal)
  • CDs
  • bones
  • clay granules (Seramis)
  • X-ray images

Please do not put the following in the residual waste bin!


  • construction rubble
  • bulky waste
  • organic waste
  • all lightweight packaging
  • all metal packaging
  • all packaging made of coloured and white glass
  • paper and cardboard
  • old electrical appliances
  • hazardous substances
  • paints, chemicals, spray cans
  • old medicines (return to pharmacy)
  • car tyres
  • gas discharge lamps

Info & tips

Separate correctly:

  • Never throw hazardous substances into the collection containers – toxic substances could be released that endanger health and our environment.
  • Never throw in hot ash or coal – risk of fire!
  • Never throw in large, bulky waste – for this, there is the Ressource Park Graz of Holding Graz, at Sturzgasse 5.

Additional tips:

  • Unpleasant smells can be avoided by putting the residual waste into easy-to-seal rubbish bags and making sure that no waste drops down next to the dustbin.
  • Please take unknown, unidentifiable substances (please with packaging) to the recycling centre or to the collection point for hazardous substances.


  • Residual waste must be disposed of via the grey residual waste bins.
  • There is a connection obligation for developed properties.
  • Holding Graz Waste Management department is responsible for container orders or changes in the container volumes with regard to the collection of residual waste.
  • The fee charged is based on the volume of the residual waste bins and the intervals at which they are emptied.

Spe­cial emp­ty­ing

Residual waste bags with a capacity of 60 litres are only used for properties for which access by the dustbin lorry is not possible.

If the container volume provided is not sufficient for an additional volume of mixed residential waste (residual waste) over a short period of time, the property owner is obligated to order a special emptying of the waste collection containers in return for reimbursement of costs from Holding Graz Waste Management department.

Contact info:

There is also the possibility, in the case of additional volume of mixed residential waste over a short period of time, to purchase additional residual waste bags from the respective service points of the city of Graz or in the Resource Park Graz. The bags are to be put out for collection along with the waste collection container.

Graz waste app

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