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Our wa­ter:
Nat­u­ral­ly good

Holding Graz provides the best drinking water around the clock. Pure refreshment – straight from the tap! Learn more here.

A girl drinks from a glass water bottle outdoors
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Gen­er­al water info

The most important information on drinking water in Graz at a glance!

  • Total length of the Graz water network? More than 1,400 km
    Total number of household connections in Graz? More than 33,000 customer installations
    Total number of customers supplied in Graz? 311.450
    Water consumption approx. per capita/year? 130 litres per capita and day x 365 days = 47,450 litres (More facts and figures on drinking water consumption can be found here!)

The route our drinking water takes until it reaches Graz is revealed in the folder below!

Drink­ing water qual­i­ty

Drinking water suppliers are food entrepreneurs and are obliged by law to continuously check the quality of the drinking water they distribute; this is done in their own accredited water laboratory. The drinking water in Graz is completely natural and not disinfected!

You can find more information here (only in German) and in the PDFs below. And there is also additional information on this page (also only in German)!

There for clean water around the clock!

Graz Water Management ensures that the “Graz water cycle”, from the extraction of groundwater to the supply of the Styrian capital with the best tap water, the transport of wastewater, the subsequent fully biological treatment of wastewater and the return to nature, functions around the clock every day. Our fault and emergency management is on standby 24 hours a day.

You will find detailed information below!


  • In order to meet the strict requirements for drinking water quality and to safeguard it for future generations, groundwater in Austria is protected. There are water protection and conservation areas around the wells of the waterworks and in the catchment area of the wells. Strict regulations prevent the pollution of drinking water.

    Graz Water Management has set up observation and control wells in these protected areas. If, for example, pollutants are discovered in a monitoring well, timely reaction can prevent them from entering the wells and subsequently the households.

  • We are constantly planning and investing in the expansion, maintenance and renovation of water pipes, production wells, elevated tanks, pumping stations, …

    These costly measures are necessary to ensure that the secure supply of high-quality drinking water is maintained in the future.

    Interior view of an elevated tank with water at the bottom of the tank
    © Holding Graz/Radaelli
  • From the planning of your own water connection to the installation of the water meter, the employees of Graz Wasserwirtschaft are competently at your side.

    Water meters are subject to the Measurement and Calibration Act and usually have to be replaced every five years; Graz Water Management replaces almost 6,000 meters every year.

    Trained employees monitor the quality of the drinking water in Graz and also offer their know-how to external customers.

    The employees of the customer billing department look after more than 32,500 customers every year.

    The Graz Drinking Fountain, which was developed by Graz Water Management, has been available throughout the city for many years, so that clean drinking water also provides first-class refreshment when out and about. The commissioning and decommissioning, maintenance and installation of new drinking fountains is carried out by the employees of Graz Water Management.

  • Only a very small part of the world’s water supply is suitable for drinking. That is why we should treat this valuable resource with care.

    We continuously implement awareness-raising measures and are happy to pass on our water knowledge, e.g. in school projects and events. We give tips on how to protect your pipes from frost and provide information on how to fill and empty your private pool properly.

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