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Or­gan­ic waste

The brown collection container with the label “Organic waste” is available for organic waste from the kitchen and garden.

Tonne für Bioabfall vor einer Wand
© Holding Graz

Please put the following in the organic waste bin!


Solid kitchen waste such as

  • egg shells
  • vegetable and fruit waste
  • coffee/tea brew (also with filter), tea bags
  • food and cooking residues (dry)
  • residues of citrus fruits, banana skins

Garden waste such as

  • potting soil
  • harvest residues and fallen fruit (in small quantities)
  • grass cuttings, weeds, leaves and branches
  • cut flowers
  • indoor plants, pot plants (without pot)

Please do not put the following in the collection container!


  • old cooking fats and oils
    (animal and plant-based)
  • ash (cold)
  • compostable plastic bags
  • meat waste in large quantities
    (including animal carcases)
  • hairs, bristles, feathers
  • coffee capsules
  • cat litter, small animal droppings
  • sweepings
  • bones
  • tissues (used)
  • clay granulate (Seramis)
  • nappies, sanitary towels, tampons

Tips & info

Tips for separating waste:

  • Never put plastic bags in the collection container together with the organic waste!
  • There is the MÜLLI for the pre-collection of organic waste in the households
  • For old cooking oils and fats there is the FETTY – a collection container which can be handed in to the resource park Graz of Holding Graz at Sturzgasse 8, or at the hazardous substances collection point (exchange of full FETTY for empty FETTY).
  • Please ensure that there are no stones in the potting soil or garden waste!

Prevent unpleasant odours by:

  • using sodium hydrogen carbonate or lime (spread over the waste in the separation container or in the organic waste bin)
  • small quantities of slightly dried grass cuttings (hay) which are spread loosely over the biogenic waste in layers
  • a shady place for the container
  • For hygiene reasons, ensure that no biogenic waste falls down next to the bin.
  • Always place the green waste bags next to the organic waste bin!

Where can I get a collection container?

  • at the “Anliegenmanagement” of Graz Waste Management (Abfallwirtschaft), Sturzgasse 16

Who can request a collection container?

  • property owner or authorised facility management

Where is a collection container installed?

  • property

Order or­gan­ic waste bin

This is how you can adapt your requirements easily:

  • Owners of properties that are connected to the residual waste collection of the city of Graz can order an organic waste bin from Graz Waste Management department unless they are making use of a compost bonus.

You can order this bin online – and you can do it here!

Order additional volume:

Each residual waste connection of the city of Graz is entitled to an organic waste bin with a volume half the annual litre volume of the residual waste container.

As, however, in particular in the case of gardens, the volume of this automatically supplied organic waste bin has occasionally proven to be insufficient, there is the option with immediate effect of having a larger container for organic waste delivered in return for payment of the difference*.

Collection is done during the collective tour for biogenic waste irrespective of the emptying intervals of the residual waste container (during the warm months of the year every week, otherwise every 2 weeks). 

(*= The offer excludes those who already make use of the compost bonus.)

Our compost bonus:

Your own initiative and collaboration is rewarded:

  • If you have your own compost heap on your property, you can request a compost bonus in the amount of 15% of your waste disposal fee from Holding Graz Waste Management department if you do not have an organic waste bin.
  • The property owner can request this with a simple letter to Holding Graz Waste Management department, Sturzgasse 16, 8020 Graz. The bonus can be requested here online.
  • Your composting will be checked.

How to create a compost heap correctly!

Or­gan­ic waste and green waste

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