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Even more safe­ty on pub­lic trans­port

Gerald Ortner, Mark Perz, Siegfried Nagl, Karl Nehammer, Thomas Heiland. Nagl and Nehammer hold plaque with the inscription "Together safe with Graz Linien".
@ Stadt Graz/Foto Fischer

Holding Graz and the Federal Ministry of the Interior are strengthening their cooperation in the area of Graz Linien.

 “Crime in any form is detrimental to the safety of Graz Linien and thus to its customers and thus to the entire population of Graz. In this awareness, we are concluding a partnership to intensify cooperation under the title “GEMEINSAM.SICHER mit den Graz Linien” (TOGETHER.SAFE with Graz Lines),” explained Federal Minister of the Interior Karl Nehammer on the occasion of the signing of the new cooperation.

According to Nehammer, in the future, for example, close coordination between the police and Holding Graz in crisis situations (e.g. COVID 19) is planned: “This concerns in particular joint focal point controls in the area of infrastructure facilities and means of transport of Graz Linien or also mutual coordination in the dissemination of information content”.

Manuel Scherscher, Deputy Director of the Federal Criminal Police Office: “Furthermore, the agreement provides for intensive cooperation in the handling of events of particular national or international importance (e.g. major events, major sporting events, sporting events with fan travel), including all preparatory and follow-up measures”.

Further points of cooperation concern focal actions together with the police, the deployment of uniformed police officers in the means of transport of Graz Linien (e.g.: at critical times when pickpocketing is on the increase) or the accompaniment of fans in the means of transport of Graz Linien by officers who are familiar with the scene.

The transfer of know-how in the training and further education of employees as well as the exchange of experience and cooperation in the field of crime prevention should ensure that the projects are carried out professionally.

On behalf of the City of Graz, Mayor Siegfried Nagl emphasises the importance of the cooperation: “Graz Linien transport more than 300,000 passengers through the city of Graz around the clock. Safety is one of the most important concerns of the people. The aim of the cooperation should be to further strengthen the already good cooperation between Holding Graz as a company of the City of Graz and the executive.”

Holding Graz board director Mark Perz: “Graz Linien and the Graz police have been working together excellently for many years. This not only applies to joint actions in challenging Corona times, but also, for example, to the smooth running of video surveillance. I am therefore very pleased that we have now also written down this proven partnership and we will continuously develop the cooperation on the basis of the agreement.”

“Graz Linien has been a reliable partner in the areas of public transport and security for years. By intensifying the cooperation, both sides and above all the people of Graz will benefit,” also emphasises the deputy city police commander, Thomas Heiland.


(Photo: Gerald Ortner, Mark Perz, Siegfried Nagl, Karl Nehammer, Thomas Heiland/from left)