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Pub­lic trans­port tick­et pur­chase made easy

Young lady with smartphone in hand stands in front of tram in local transport hub Hauptbahnhof
© Holding Graz/Lupi Spuma

Tickets via the “GrazMobil” app:

Via the free GrazMobil app you can also buy tickets at the normal price for all other Styrian zones.

These tickets are available cashless via “GrazMobil”:

  • Hour ticket
  • 24-hour ticket
  • Weekly ticket
  • Monthly ticket
  • Top-Ticket for students
  • Top-Ticket for pupils
  • Top-Tickets for apprentices
  • KlimaTicket Steiermark Classic Graz (also Youth, Senior and Special variants)

Tickets from the ticket machines in trams, buses and at bus stops:

Tickets at over 270 ticket vending machines: Ticket vending machines are available on all trams, all buses and at selected locations (list below).

These tickets are available at the ticket vending machines:

Hourly ticket (also reduced tickets): Buses, trams and stationary ticket machines.
24-hour ticket (also reduced tickets): Buses, trams and stationary ticket machines
Weekly ticket: Trams and stationary vending machines
Monthly ticket: Trams and stationary ticket machines
Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark: Buses, trams and stationary ticket machines

In the buses only cashless payment is possible, in the trams and at the stops it is also possible to pay with cash.

ATTENTION: In buses operated by other companies on behalf of Graz Linien, ticket purchase in the vehicle is only possible from the driving staff.

In addition, there are separate ticket machines in the three P+R car parks (Fölling, Brauquartier and Liebenau Murpark). P+R combined tickets are available there as 24-hour, weekly or monthly tickets.

There are stationary ticket vending machines at these stops:

  • Hauptbahnhof (5 machines)
  • Hauptbahnhof bus stop lines 58/63
  • Hauptplatz
  • Griesplatz
  • Bad Straßgang
  • Jakominiplatz
  • Murpark Liebenau
  • Hasnerplatz
  • LKH Med Uni (2 vending machines)
  • St. Leonhard tram (2 vending machines)
  • St. Leonhard Bus (2 vending machines)
  • Smart City
  • Dreierschützengasse
  • Reininghauspark
  • Jochen-Rindt-Platz
  • Reininghaus

Tickets at the Mobility and Sales Center:

From hourly tickets to KlimaTickets, ALL tickets can be purchased here.

You will find the Mobility and Sales Center (Mobilitäts- und Vertriebscenter) at Jakoministraße 1, in the immediate vicinity of Jakominiplatz.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Tickets in around 100 tobacconists:

Depending on the assortment, all tickets up to the monthly pass can be purchased.

These tickets are usually available at tobacconists:

  • Hour ticket
  • 24-hour ticket
  • 10-zone ticket
  • Weekly ticket
  • Monthly ticket

Here you can find out where the nearest tobacconist is!