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tim Spe­cial for stu­dents

Young man and woman load groceries and a pallet of Makava iced tea into the boot of a tim carsharing car.
@ Holding Graz/Karelly

Do you ever need a car? One for a big shopping trip, a tour to the next climbing park, a move or furniture shopping or just a spontaneous meeting with family and friends? Then you should get to know tim!

That is tim

tim stands for täglich.intelligent.mobil. and is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and innovative mobility service. Also in
tim carsharing cars and rental cars are available for as little as 4 euros per hour.
And the best: tim is now even cheaper for students.

Discover your advantages with tim

There are eleven tim mobility hubs in Graz – all easily accessible by public transport, on foot or with your bike.

There you can:

– use (e-)car sharing
– rent a car or van
– switch to e-taxis
– charge your private e-car

Now even cheaper

With your student ID, the registration fee at tim is waived and the monthly membership fee costs you only 3.50 euros instead of 7 euros until you turn 26. Do you also have a Top-Ticket for students? Then you will even get the registration fee for free.


Two young women and a young man take a selfie together with a smartphone at a tim-carsharing car.
@ Holding Graz/Karelly

It’s best to register now at: and get your personal appointment at the tim service center. Bring your student ID/top ticket with you to the appointment.

All information at: