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Hold­ing Graz con­tin­ues to sup­port FRida & freD

Presentation of the 2022/2023 exhibition programme of the FRida & FreD children's museum. From left to right, FRida & FreD Managing Director Jörg Ehtreiber, GRAWE Board Director Georg Schneider, Steiermärkische Sparkasse Board Member Walburga Seidl, City Councillor for Youth and Education Kurt Hohensinner, Head of Sponsoring at Holding Graz Andrea Güttersberger and IKEA Graz Store Manager Gottfried Kienzl stand in the museum garden.
© Holding Graz/Foto Fischer

In the coming year, Holding Graz will again support the children’s museum “FRida & freD” as a partner. “Holding is a certified family-friendly company, which is why the partnership with the Children’s Museum is particularly important to us. Holding’s female customers benefit directly from our partnership,” said Andrea Güttersberger (Head of Sponsoring and Brand Management at Holding Graz) at the presentation of the exhibition program for the coming year.

The Graz Children’s Museum will present two exhibitions in the exhibition year 2022/23:


A participatory exhibition about the diversity of food for young vegetables from the age of 8.
An exhibition of the Graz Children’s Museum FRida & freD, made possible by the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

“Everything grows”

A wondrous garden full of amazing plants and animals for children from 3 to 7 years of age
An exhibition of the Graz Children’s Museum FRida & freD

The two exhibitions will open on 3/26/2022 and run until 3/26/2023.

Photo above (from left to right):

Jörg Ehtreiber (GF and Intendant “FRida & freD”), Georg Schneider (Board Director GRAWE), Walburga Seidl (Board Member STEIERMÄRKISCHE), Kurt Hohensinner (Youth and Education City Councilor), Andrea Güttersberger (Head of Sponsoring Holding Graz), Gottfried Kienzl (Store Manager IKEA Graz).