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Sturz­gasse: con­ver­sion cost­ing 33 mil­lion

Graphic of the planned new resource park
© Holding Graz

In Sturzgasse, an ultra-modern resource park will be created over the next few years. 33 million euros will be invested. At the beginning of next week, the construction work in the recycling centre will commence. The roofs will be demolished in a first step.

The “Sturzplatz” in Sturzgasse will now become “Sturzgasse Resource Park”. The construction project is based on a comprehensive “Sturzgasse Master Plan”. The area which covers 11 hectares and which in addition to the recycling centre and the waste treatment facility also houses the Urban Space department of Holding Graz (with street cleaning, winter road clearance, maintenance of green spaces), the waste water facilities, the Waschbetriebe washing facilities and the municipal workshop, will be entirely overhauled. Specifically, it will be modernised, restructured and optimised for customers.

With an investment of around 33 million euros, we are creating a modern infrastructure hub and at the same time a basis in order to safeguard the high quality of life of the people in our provincial capital with our Waste Management department, Urban Space department and municipal workshop.

Wolfgang Malik, CEO of Holding Graz

All the info on the “Sturzgasse Master Plan”:

The new resource park: 

  • The ultra-modern Graz resource park covering around 20,000 square metres will replace the existing smaller Sturzgasse recycling centre which covers around 6,000 square metres.
  • The collection of hazardous waste will remain in the current Sturzgasse recycling centre and where the customers now drive in it will be industrial deliverers and our vehicles that go in and out in future.
  • The resource park will be built on the former premises of the supply yard south of the Sturzgasse, so very close to the existing recycling centre. The huge expansion in capacity will create more space for the customers and prevent traffic jams when delivering waste.
  • In addition, the processes will be organised in a more user-friendly way. There will thus be a separation of the in-house handling of the waste and the delivery area on two different levels. The delivery area is slightly raised.
  • The separation will create even more safety, but primarily result in more convenience for users.
  • The demolition work on the premises of the supply yard is now commencing; the start of construction for the new resource park is in the early summer this year. One year later, i.e. in the early summer of 2022, it is envisaged that the resource park will open its gates.
  • For the customers of the existing recycling centre in Sturzgasse, there will be no restrictions during the demolition and construction work. The residents of Graz can thus use the recycling centre as usual.


  • Up to now, the vehicles and equipment of the street cleaning, maintenance of green spaces, and winter road clearance have been housed on the premises of the supply yard. The lorries, road sweepers and washing vehicles now have a new home. In the south of the premises, behind the municipal workshop, new vehicle depots have been created on an area of just under 11,000 square metres.
  • New team rooms and offices have already been created for the employees, or will be created.

New municipal workshop:

  • The “Sturzgasse Master Plan” also includes the municipal workshop of Hol­ding Graz – for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles that are in service for the residents of Graz. The ultra-modern workshop has already been in operation since the end of 2017.

Clean energy:

  • In the course of the re-design of the premises, a modern energy concept will be put into operation that opts for clean energy. On the large roof areas of the resource park, the new depot for Urban Space South and the municipal workshop, which has already been implemented, photovoltaic systems have already been installed or will be installed. More than 350,000 kWh of energy can thus be produced every year.
  • Holding uses solar thermal energy for the preparation of hot water in the team rooms.
  • E-charging stations are available for the fleet of e-vehicles of Holding Graz.
With the expansion to create an ultra-modern and customer-friendly site, we are equipped for the future requirements in a growing city!

Gert Heigl, Managing Director responsible for Infrastructure & Energy